06 September 2009


I have tried not to write about this high yellow mulatto that you got out of the wilds of Kenya to be your President. I have been busting my back to just ignore the stupidity that he seems to exude from every pore of his stinky, Negro body.

But when you elect a sub-human foreigner to lead the country built for you by your white, founding fathers, and he screws it up so badly in just eight short months, I'm sorry. But it is just begging to be commented on. I mean... the boy gives the kings and queens of other countries DVD movies out of the bargain bin for gifts while they are giving him pens made from the wood of Christ's cross or something equally as valuable.

Let's see.... this guy has taken over the banking industry, the automotive industry, the law enforcement industry, the school industry and if he has his way, soon the medical industry. He has also made the first inroad to taking our freedom of speech by passing this thought crime bill. All at the expense of the poor bastards who out there trying to make a living. While he is stealing their money to support his illegal alien voters and his Zionist Jew financiers who are the ones that actually put him in office.

Has he did one positive thing so far in his administration? Just one? I'm thinking...... thinking....... thinking..... nothing. There is not one thing that he has done to uphold and defend the Constitution of this country as he retardedly tried to swear to do when he repeated the oath of office when he was sworn in. Isn't that an act of high treason? I'm no lawyer but I do believe that that alone is getting in the neighborhood.

This dumping white people's money into black and brown neighborhoods to try and improve their attitude and IQ has got to stop. It doesn't work. What would work to everyone's relief and benefit is to put brownie back in India and south of the Rio Grande or wherever he originally came from and to put blackie back in Africa where he would feel more at home with a machete among his native tribesmen.

But I'm getting off track here, let us get back to the subject at hand. Our high yellow First Boy.

He has created all of these unelected and thus unaccountable Czars to run these industries that he just stole from the private sector and put into the collective hands of his government. Yes. I said his government. Because that is who runs it. His Jewish masters tell him what to do and he jumps and says "Yessuh Massahs!" and hops right to getting it done or else they will close the tap on his unending campaign money and publicity and find a new dog to run in his place. You can look at the Clintons and see just how quickly that can happen if you start thinking that you are so wonderful that you don't need their support anymore.....

Then... to top it all off, he appoints a racist Puerto Rican judge to the Supreme Court? A Racist Puerto Rican that will be there as long as she chooses or until God takes her out, Whichever comes first. She is going to uphold and defend the Constitution? Yeah.... right.

We have at least TWENT-TWO MILLION that is TWENTY-TWO MILLON illegal Mexicans who they want to reward with citizenship. And the American people are clamoring for this? Give me a G*****n break! You still think that your politicians are running this country for you? Give me a G*****n break!

Wake up people. And don't think that the Republicans will save you because they are just spineless liberals instead of ballsy ones like the ones that are in power now. So if you are a liberal / Communist / socialist in this country today you are in a win win win situation.... that is until your people break the back of this great land, and then, like everyone else, you had better just run for your life.

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