13 September 2009


I know this is exactly what you have been waiting for, my recommendations for traveling. Of course only in the lower forty-eight. And... only nine of the forty-eight. What the hell? I guess this will only be a mini tour guide.

While you have been working all summer and paying your killer taxes, I have been collecting that money and loafing around the country enjoying myself just like a fat, black crack whore. But if you are lucky enough to be one of the retards who keep track of this blog, now... you are going to reap the benefits of the money that was stolen from you by your elected politicians and given to me. Because I am one of the people who has existed on this planet long enough to become a totally useless parasite. Just like a Jew.

My first state of course would be Wyoming where so many liberal queer huggers have moved into it from the urban areas that it is just Colorado north and you had better keep your money on a chain and go through this queer-ridden state as quickly as possible and don't even look right or left. If you don't follow this advice, you will find yourself broke because of paying outrageous fines for doing nothing wrong. Like leaving a cooler out in the forest, or speeding at a whopping fifty miles an hour through the greasewood around a village named Hanna. Or buying gasoline at sixty cents a gallon higher than anyplace else in the western United States. Maybe Wyoming's nickname should be changed from the Equality State to the Money-Grubbing, Queer-Hugging State.

I went through Idaho, down the Salmon River and what an excellent place! Every few miles there is FREE access to the river and the forest. The people are friendly and helpful and as long as you stay away from it's bigger towns, this is a great area to hang around.
I also went through Montana. The key word here being "through". I have nothing bad to say about it, but it's kind of like Canada south. It's just there mostly not causing any trouble and just trying to keep out of the way. But like Wyoming, the queer huggers and money grubbers are slowly taking over here also.

Then there is Washington. It is on the west coast so until you get into the eastern two thirds of the state it is just California north. With nothing but queers, Jews, and Negroes and spineless white people everywhere you go. But the eastern part of the state is pretty normal and so are the people. But of course their life blood is being sucked out by King County and Seattle.
Oregon, being trapped between Washington and California and with Portland and Multnomah County as it's major cancer, it is exactly the same. With queers, Negroes and Jews running around telling the spineless white people how to act and what to do. I mean... you have ten zillion loggers out of work in a state covered with trees! You figure it out.

Then you have Colorado, with Denver being Gay Bay East and sucking the life out of the rest of the state at a breathtaking rate. There are Jew churches, Negroes, Mexicans and of course your spineless white people bowing to their beck and call at every turn. Denver has two, fifty foot tall stick queers in their city park for crying out loud! Of course it had to be pointed out to me before I knew what they were. I guess I'm just not very observant.

I went across Kansas without any adverse effects. So, like Montana, I will give it a pass for now. The people were nice and I didn't notice any limp wrists or stars of David on prolific display. I did notice that the prices are getting less for everything from rent to gas and groceries. So that is a good thing.

Now Oklahoma is an excellent state! Even Oklahoma City isn't as bad as most large cities. Rednecks abound and the people are outstanding. You can buy gasoline here with no ethanol in it. What a wonderful place. A person can afford to hang around here and just goof off. Which is what I have been doing. One draw back is their toll roads. They suck a big one.

Arkansas is great. At least the northern edge of the state is. The first thing that I noticed is that an extraordinary number of young women here are very good looking, built kind of thin with huge racks! Just sayin'.... Also, not even a noticeable amount of the darker skinned people if you get my drift. I had heard a rumor so I went out sight seeing just to verify this one fact and it is evidently true. I could not even find not even one of any dark persuasion. It is lovely having no diversity.

No... I'm not a racist. I'm just not a fan of diversity. I'm not a fan of organized religion either but I'm not an atheist. I just believe that the white race is a lovely race to hang around and associate with. Yeah, I know. We have a few crazies and every now and then some really bad crazies. But over all, as a race, I just like us best. Sorry if that offends you. You know it really bothers me that you are offended. In a pig's balloon knot it does!

So there you have it. My mini travel guide. You might want to print it out and keep it handy just in case you ever get to travel the country at the taxpayer's expense like me, or a politician, or even a crack whore gets to do whenever we feel like it.

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