09 August 2009


Wouldn't it be a joy to send your toddler to a school where he or she never had to worry about offending a Mexican, a queer, a Negro or any other ethnic, religious or sexual preference group? Where it didn't have to learn about sex, either perverted or otherwise, until you felt that it was time to teach it about such things? How great would it be if your most precious possession didn't have to start it's indoctrination into the Communist Manifesto at the age of three? Maybe it could just live at home and be a kid until it was five or six.

How would you like your child to be able to enjoy Christmas plays about the birth of Christ and have Valentine's parties at school and either give or not give valentines to every other kid in it's class? Maybe it could play baseball and keep score and either win or lose without being told that it was traumatized? How about if he or she won trophies for excelling in something? They could grow up saying the Pledge of allegiance with the words "under God" in it and even pray in class without offending anyone.

Your child could learn that people make fun of you when you do or say something stupid and it would be able to return that same favor without being considered a hater or a bully. Your boy or girl could grow up without the help of Ritalin or some other mind bending drug. It could just know that acting a fool could get you a spanking. At school as well as at home. When he or she was little and fell and got hurt a teacher could give it a hug without being considered a pervert.
Your kid could grow up knowing that there is no such thing as a "free lunch". When it appears that you are getting a "free lunch", someone, somewhere, is paying for it.

It could learn about the Founding Fathers as they actually were... not the way that the modern historians are rewriting history to make them appear. Wouldn't it be great if your kids could grow up and still have the freedom of speech that is supposed to be everyone's Constitutional right? The right to have a rifle or a pistol and to know at a very early age of the dangers of misusing it?

Maybe then, when your child grew into adulthood, it would know instinctively when it was being shammed by foreign entities appointed to high offices in our government for the sole purpose of bringing this great country to it's knees. It would be able to see how foreign money is poured into the coffers of all of our modern politicians so that they cater only to these foreign money lenders and to hell with America or it's citizens who are the descendents of our founding fathers.

It would have gotten the education in math, English and the true history of this country. Not the twisted agenda that today's public schools start corrupting them with almost at birth. He or she would know what is in the Bible and the Constitution. Not what the communist leaders and teachers of today make them think is in these documents.

They could grow up the same as you and I got to. With scraped knees, hurt feelings and flunking grades. They would know early on that sometimes you don't get chosen to play. Sometimes you just aren't good enough to win. And sometimes other kids make fun of you for no apparent reason.

Isn't it a lot better to learn these things when you are still young and growing up and living at home where your parents can still help you out and make it right rather than when you are out on your own and the only help you think that you have is your nanny, the government?

If your children can get this training early in their lives they will probably grow up knowing that they can accomplish their goals on their own without having to whimper and cry for help every time something doesn't go quite right.

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