16 August 2009


Those of you who know me know that I am not religious by anyone's standards. The only reason I believe at all is because I don't think that all of the excellent things on this planet got here over trillions of years by accident. I also think that the most convincing argument for this are the evolutionists. When a group of people want something to be true so badly that they just make up crap to sell to the general public to back up their theory... and then in ten... twenty... or even a hundred years someone snitches them off that it was all a hoax... I'm just very suspicious, that's all.

On the other hand religion is all about faith. You either have it... or you don't. And if we go by faith's standards of going to Heaven two hundred years ago.... then.... there is probably not a person alive on this earth today who is going to be there. So just suck it up and deal with it.

I have never been a fan of organized religion. The preachers and pastors and priests read the Bible just like our present day politicians read our Constitution. If something isn't in there that they want in there... well, guess what? Just twist something that is in there around until it fits the agenda that suits your personal fancy. I never thought that the Bible, or our Constitution was a living document that could just be reinterpreted on anyone's personal whim. But maybe I was wrong.

When I was a young man, I read the Bible, cover to cover.... twice. I won't even try and lie to you and tell you that I understood what I read. Probably not even a quarter of it. But the one thing that I did notice was that God was a lot crankier in the Old Testament than he is in the New Testament. I would like to know what happened to him to make him so cheery. It couldn't have been that he had a son because children almost always end up turning into a major disappointment for the parents. So what happened? Did he start taking Ritalin? Whatever happened, it sure caused him to do a one eighty.

I think that we can all agree that humans are part of the animal kingdom. I know that a lot of you also believe that all of the races of the human species are identical with only the outer appearance being different from one race to another. Say... like different colored cows in a herd. They all act the same, eat the same and live and die the same way. But not so with humans.
Let's pretend that every race of humans is a different species of animal and we will do this by comparing the peculiarities of each race.

Orientals, I know, they hate that, but screw 'em. I think that they would be like those Meer cats down in Africa. They always live in bunches and try to look out for each other without considering their own personal safety and comfort.

The brown races on the other hand would be the jackals. They will live in groups or hunt alone. While they are not above taking from someone weaker than they are, they mostly try to fend for themselves without much group loyalty.

The Negroes could only be hyenas. They are opportunists and run around in groups to take the fruits of someone else's labor instead of going out to do their own hunting. I know. There are exceptions but we are talking about a common denominator as a race here.

The white race could only be the leopards. They never hang in groups and prefer to kill their own meat and raise their own young and live and die alone.

Finally the Jews. The only thing that they can be is the fleas. They live among all of the races above and suck the life blood out of ever one of them. They do or accomplish nothing that is not for their own benefit and if left untreated, they will end up killing their host animals and just move on to another unsuspecting host to continue their parasitic existence.

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