23 August 2009


How pitiful is it that I offer some of you totally free DVDs and you are too afraid to order them just in case that it might be FBI or CIA trickery? And you still think that we are not being beaten down by our third world, Jew run dictatorship? You are afraid of your government! When your government is supposed to be afraid of you!

What a bunch of old weenie wash women you have all turned into. You sit on you butts and watch CNN, MSNBC, and yes, even FOX news and tremble in your little homes, hoping that you don't make any waves and end up getting noticed by "Big Brother". What a bunch of sissies!

And you have the gall to make fun of France? They will probably have to come over and show you how to put on a brave face while you kneel at the feet of your New World Order masters. I'm beginning to think that you deserve to be pushed into oblivion by the Mexicans, Negroes, Jews and queers. Because you are apparently not related to any of the people who founded this country and you surly can't be remotely related to any of the brave men and women who have been sent to lose various wars for the sake of the politicians' Israeli masters.

You let them take Joe Camel without a word. Then let's just get rid of the Japanese three-wheelers because they are dangerous and you are too dumb to know how to ride them safely. Instead of your children waiting until they are five or six to start to school, let's start indoctrinating them into the Communist Manifesto and introduce them to the wonders of queer sex at the age of three! All without a whimper from you as you sit there trembling in front of your favorite Jew ran news show on your TV.

You let your local politicians lock up state land that your own taxes supports so even though it's your land you are not allowed on it because you might make a rut or kill a mouse.... ooooohhhhhh!!! Same with your national forests. Turn them into wilderness so unless you walk so you become bear food or ride one of those future Alpo can fillers, you are no longer allowed there. Even though it is your land.... supposedly. Still... not a word out of you.

You let them sue tobacco companies in your name and then just throw the money down the foreign aid toilet and even though you smoke you just stand there saying "yessuh massuh". And if you don't smoke you are cheering on someone getting punished for nothing as long as it's not you. But your turn will be coming. Sooner or later.

You just sit and let them pass laws in your name that allow queers to marry each other, even though you know in your heart that it is wrong and you hate it. But you just sit there trembling afraid to utter a word of objection in case the jack booted thugs might be sent to take you out because you disagreed with "Big Brother".

You let your representatives say that you want over twenty-two million illegal Mexicans in this country sucking up your tax dollars and corrupting your neighborhoods and schools. While you just tremble in silence.

They say that you want to pay more exorbitant taxes on top of what you now pay and plus all of the sneaky tax that you don't even realize that you pay that is hidden in licenses, phone bills, lodging, and fines for nothing. All the while you just sit there... watching your Jewish controlled news shows.... Afraid to speak up.

You let them bend and twist the Constitution until what they tell you it says is totally unrecognizable from what the original document does say. It says absolutely nothing about allowing queer marriage, allowing abortion, disallowing prayer, or saying that you are not allowed to own a gun. But there you sit, watching CNN and trembling like the old wash woman that you have evidently turned into.


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