02 August 2009


The United States of America has quickly plummeted from a super power down to a third world multi-cultural joke. We have a high yellow mulatto for a president and an ape-looking first lady.

We now have czars to head the departments in the government which is controlled by Zionist Jew money and power instead of the American citizens as it is supposed to be.

A racist Puerto Rican woman is going to be a Supreme Court justice. Twenty-two million illegal Mexicans in this country is fine. We have states that are bankrupt due mainly to catering to these people. But this is just more that the American people are just jumping up and down to have. Especially since unemployment for these real Americans is at almost twenty percent.

We can send Israel one point two billion dollars two or three times a year but heaven forbid we let our taxpayers keep it since they are the ones that earned it.

The New World Order people.... let's face it are just retarded, ignorant peasants who are being led to the slaughter by their Jewish masters, have been yammering away our second amendment rights for fifty years now, trying to completely disarm the citizenry so their takeover can be completely bloodless. The WHITE founding fathers knew that this might become a problem, that is why the second amendment is even there.

I think that Joe Camel was the first crack in the first amendment and now they have passed a hate speech law so for all practical purposes the first amendment can be manipulated by the Jewish masters to fit their supremacist, racist agenda. Throughout the world they are there doing what is necessary to have white, European countries invaded by off color degenerate, lazy, third world immigrants while in the country they stole from Palestine they allow nothing but Jews to immigrate, nothing but Jews to live in certain neighborhoods and nothing but Jews to attend the Jewish schools.

They are afforded this luxury by the blood money they extort from Germany, France, Switzerland and the United States. All they have to do is have their Jewish brethren in Hollywood make another fake Holocaust documentary or another tear-jerking Holocaust movie or find another supposed hundred year old Nazi war criminal to torture and then murder for no apparent reason and the money from the countries who have been convinced that they are responsible for allowing these alleged atrocities to happen, comes pouring in.

Meanwhile the atrocities that they are actually committing against the Palestinians in the Palestinian's own homeland continues with no outcry from anyone.

Just as Russia was plummeted into Communism a little over a hundred years ago in a movement perpetrated by a few rich and powerful Jews. So goes the United States today. When it comes to the Holocaust, we are told to keep rehashing what we are led to believe happened so that it never happens again. But we are never reminded of Russia's bloody plight so that we may avoid taking that same path. So are we going to end up like the Palestinians? Nothing but slaves in the country that our WHITE forefathers bled and died for to give us the freedoms and prosperity we once enjoyed?

Arabs don't hate us because we are Americans, Arabs hate us because we support and finance Jewish terrorism world wide. I don't agree with the Muslim philosophy, but I sure don't want to end my life as a Jewish slave in my own homeland. A status that is almost a reality already with the trillions given daily to Jewish bankers to reward them for their own evil conniving and greed while our own citizens are going bankrupt and living in third world squalor to support these greedy, outrageous heathens by having to pay exorbitant taxes.

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