12 July 2009


Everyone wants us to just get along because we are all exactly alike and the human species is no different regardless of the race. But do you truly believe this balderdash? Look at dogs for example, every breed is as different from the next breed as night and day. How about horses? Humans have selectively bred them so they work, run or pull huge loads. So even though they are horses or dogs or humans, they are totally different, and if left to their own devices they will only associate with their own kind where they feel at ease.

So trying to turn the human species into one giant mutt race is a huge mistake. Whether you are an evolutionist or a creationist it doesn't matter, we are still not alike. You might like to think that it's mean and racist of me to say this but it is just realistic. If you like evolution, maybe some races are not quite as evolved as others. And if you are a creationist, God made us different for some reason that should be figured out instead of trying to outguess God and turn everyone into a dirty grey.

Let us take a look at Asians. They not only look totally different from anyone else on earth, they are totally different. For one thing, their average IQ is quite a lot higher than the rest of the races. Not near as many of them are idiots or geniuses. Their normal disposition is calm and unperturbed. They are renowned for their patience. And you can put a hundred of them in a small room and they can live their in peaceful coexistence forever. Try that with any other race.

How about the "brown" races? Now here I am going to include both our Indians and eastern Indians. Also Arabs and Mexicans. I won't include the Jews because by their own admission they are supposedly a "special" race all of their own. The brown races can be very hard workers if they have a reason. But they are not well known for being self-starters. They will take a project and run with it after someone else gets it started. But they are mostly just laid back, taking siestas and having sacred cows or herding goats in the desert. They are closer to being "at one" with the earth than some of us so environmentalists love them.

Okay. We have three races left. So which do you want first? The most hateful and despised of the races? The white race? Or the most beloved and gentle, the Jewish race? Or maybe the most abused and misunderstood, the black race? Whichever one is next will make most of you so cranky when I point out the truth instead of the popular myths about any one of these races that you won't finish reading the blog. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Well..... crap..... here are some facts, treat them as you see fit. Every huge advancement in civilization has been perpetrated by someone from the white race. Every major invention, every big jump in medicine, every big discovery that has been made from exploration. All because the white race led the charge. We have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of as a race and everything to be proud of. We have produced a few very horrible people just as the other races have produced a few very excellent people. We tolerate being put down and abused by every other race and even by some of our own who aren't smart enough to understand that they are just kicking themselves in the teeth. And we are still trudging along, supporting and caring for the rest of the world while they are doing their best to push us to extinction.

Now blacks as a race are predatory opportunists. It doesn't matter who it is that is foolish enough to present them with an opportunity for drugs, money, sex or whatever. They will attack, rape, rob and kill anyone. It doesn't matter what age sex or race they are. It is just the fulfillment of an urge to an enraged black. You can blame the other races for his predicament all you want. You can blame poverty or ignorance all you want. It just doesn't change the facts. Look at how they treat each other in their own lands where there has been no outside influence for years, if ever. They are still exactly the same. Look at the inner cities where they have pretty much taken over. You don't dare go there unless you are prepared to be humiliated, robbed, raped and even possibly murdered. All for no apparent reason.

Okay. If you are still with me, these next are the people that you are not even supposed to question. Either their motives, their actions and especially not their history. That would be the Jews. These people are the world's parasites. They dwell all over the world among all of the other races and live off of the life blood of whatever country happens to have the misfortune of becoming their host. In this day and age that would be almost all of the countries of the world. Their endgame is world domination through the New World Order and they are accomplishing it by encouraging diversity and controlling the world banking system. They appear to be cute, friendly little devils who are always just trying to help out. But their help will cost you your religion, your freedom, especially your money and in the end your life. And just like with any other parasite you will never see or feel it coming until you are in your death throes and too weak, poor and exhausted to do anything about it.

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