05 July 2009


By the time this is posted we may already have Ted Kennedy's or the ADL's "Thought Crime" legislation enacted into law. So... if you haven't noticed, I have been toning this down quite a bit and if I haven't already, I will soon be removing all of my old blogs. Not because they are wrong. Not because my opinion has changed one iota.

But because they are what this "Thought Crime" bill is all about. It is being disguised that it is supposed to protect the queers but like the gun laws that is just what they are using to get their foot in the door. Because our Jewish controlled government is being ordered to do this so if you are deemed an anti-Semite, you can go to prison. And being an anti-Semite is very easy. If you just don't swallow their Holocaust story or if you question anything about the atrocities that they are doing daily against the Palestinians or question their rabid racism or their Jewish supremisim or the legality of their Marxist state of Israel and you will be an instant anti-Semite.

It can also be used if you say things about "the negro" such as he is very prone to raping white people and mugging really old white women. That would be a "Thought Crime" because even though it is absolutely true, only a racist would actually point out such a thing.

Since the twin towers fell, they have been sucking up our freedoms like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. So we will be safe, you know? But the freedoms they have taken will never be returned. Just as the taxes that they steal from us daily will never go to the benefit of Americans. Unless you happen to be a politician or a whore of a politician, then you will benefit from the blood of the American taxpayer.

But if you are an illegal Mexican, or a black crack whore or a non-working "negro" or a Zionist Jew living in Israel, or a "negro" with AIDS living in Africa. Then your coffers are stuffed with American taxpayer money. But you, the American taxpayer, doesn't dare complain or you will be deemed an anti-Semite, a racist, or an uncaring hate monger.

So you, as a white American taxpayer get to go through you life staring at the ground as you go off to work and leave your kids in the care of some third world nursery or Communist public school teacher. Because it takes both you and your wife slaving away to pay for all the luxuries and comforts for the people in the previous paragraphs. While you are barely eking out a living between the two of you. But just you don't complain and tighten up your belts. While your tax money is being given by the truckload to the Jew bankers who waste it as fast as you can throw it at them. But they have to be kept afloat because they own the Federal Reserve and also the politicians that you thought that you elected.

So don't be whiney because you are losing your freedom of speech, your freedom of thought, your freedom of movement, your right to bear arms, your freedom of religion, your freedom of assembly, and your right to associate with just the people that you choose. Because diversity is a beautiful thing so you MUST enjoy hanging around "the negro", "the Jew", " the Mexican", "the queer", and "the Chinaman". Even though these people may hate you, you must love them unless you want to be a racist or an anti-Semite or you might just be afraid that you are turning into a queer..... you know, the homophobie thing.

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