26 July 2009


What would you think if I don't want diversity in my Supreme Court? Or my schools. Or my churches. Or even in my country? You would probably say, if you don't already that I am a racist and a bad person. I say. "Whoop-ti-do." That is exactly how much I care about what you think. Because... if you believe that diversity is important, right and wonderful, you are retarded. Not just mildly retarded, but extremely retarded.

But let's be fair. We have been doing the diversity thing for about sixty years now and our poor children have went from being on top of the pile to little, frail, trembling weenies. So I'm saying, let's do it my way for the next sixty years so we can be sure which way is best. Not just for us, but for everyone concerned.

It won't be that hard. Just put all Mexicans back in Mexico. All Negroes back to Africa. All Arabs back to Persia. All Indians back to India. Of course all of the Orientals can get on back to the Orient. And the Jews can go back to Palestine and hash that mess out with the Palestinians.... without us butting in or helping out. All of the faggots can become not queer or they can go live in our now empty prisons. All of the AIDS carriers can go live with them.

We will bring all of our manufacturing back home. And white Americans will own every nook and cranny in this country once again. If Arabs don't want to sell us oil reasonably, we will figure something out, I have faith in our ability when we are not being held back by the New World Order people. Which is what all of the environmentalists and animal huggers really are. Of course we won't be sending free food to every other starving country either. We will just keep it here and save it for a rainy day.

We will export things to countries that are able to pay us in cash. Anything that is imported will have enough import tax put on it so that it is more expensive than anything that is comparable that we make here. That way our own people are always being looked out for as it should be. Not like it is now.

Politicians will be elected for one four year term. All of them. Including the President. That way they can spend their four years working for the betterment of the country and it's people and not have to worry about trying to get reelected for anything. After their term is finished, they go back to their former jobs with no fat cat government retirement for the rest of their lives. They can have social security when they reach sixty-two, just like everyone else.

Taxes will be a thirteen percent consumption tax and medicine and food will be exempt. There will be no property tax, excise tax phone bill tax or any other hidden crap tax like there is now. States will have their own sovereignty although they probably would never even need it now.
Sure, this will cause some people pain and hardship. But don't you think that the white, American taxpayer has been living in extreme pain and hardship for the last sixty years? No one seems to care about that. Or even notice it for that matter. Do you know that at the rate the world is going today in one hundred years there will be no more naturally blonde people? Because it is a recessive gene and every time it is crossbred, it becomes extinct.

If everyone takes that sign on the Statue of Liberty so literally... then give it back to France. It was their idea, not ours. I think that we have had enough of the huddled masses. Especially from third world countries.

Then. After sixty years, if we are not at least ten thousand times better off, we will just put everything back like it was and no loss no foul. It's only fair. I have put up with it your way for the last sixty years. I'm giving you ten thousand to one odds.... how can you not take it?

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