10 July 2009


What I am saying is not even any kind of exaggeration. Even white females, when asked in public, will agree that all of humanity's woes are the fault of the white male worldwide... but especially the white American male and the very worst of these is the white, redneck American male.

So black males rape 37,000 white women annually compared to white men raping 10 black women a year. could this be why we are so feared and hated? Or is it because black males commit over 75% of all violent crime in the United States while most white males are out working, paying outrageous taxes and raising their families. Is that why we are so hated? Or could it be that we keep inventing crap that makes everyone's life easier and more comfortable. Is that our problem?

Poor old Christopher Columbus is now a horrible white oppressor of indigenous races instead of an explorer and discoverer. How did he do that? 500 years after he died? Yet Martin Luther King Jr. has went from a womanizing, wife-beating communist to become the top saint for all mankind in the short time he has been dead.

A recently dead singing pedophile is now a black icon even though he had himself rebuilt because he found the black features that he was born with so disgusting. What kind of modern magic is accomplishing these seemingly impossible tasks?

How has the United States of America been changed from a nation founded by white Christians for the safety and preservation of their progeny.... which should be white, American Christians... into a haven for illegal Mexicans, black, illiterate criminals, prancing, disease spreading faggots and race baiting Jews?

I mean, when the World Trade Center was brought down by those crazy Arabs and white firemen were raising an American flag on the piles of rubble..... since no other races were helping with the flag raising a statue couldn't be built to honor those men because that would just be racist. Giving credit only to those who actually accomplished this heroic act.

After years of arguing about what should stand where those proud towers once stood, one of the ideas was a Jewish Holocaust museum? With it's main purpose being to depict the worthlessness of white people about an event that is real questionable if it even happened. Since it can't be questioned, who knows?

Anyway. I wrote this bonus blog because I have 50 DVDs named "A Conversation About Race" If you would like one, totally free, please send your name and address to able.aryan@gmail.com and if you are one of the first fifty, I will send you a copy.

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