19 July 2009


Have we totally lost our collective minds? When the majority of us can so easily be convinced that racial profiling is wrong but a steady recurrence of specific problems caused by certain races is an undeniable fact and yet we let the powers that be tell us not to suspect these races of being guilty of the problems that they as a race are constantly responsible for? How retarded has civilization become?

They tell us that diversity is a wonderful and natural occurrence while everything in your existence is screaming out that diversity is killing you? Even though you can look around and see the horrendous results of diversity around the world, you are still just being a good person and turning a blind eye to the realities of diversity? Are you ever going to develop enough guts to speak out or maybe even take action to keep your children or your grandchildren from becoming just dirty grey mutts playing in their mud and twig houses with flies crawling all over them?

Has your common sense become so dumbed down that you can't even understand that if you stay out of the ocean the chances are really good that you will never be eaten by a shark? Doesn't your common sense tell you that if no one is capable of reading, you will not need any books? Have you traded all of the common sense that you were surely born with for the present day complacence of political correctness?

Just because it soothes your sensibilities to run along with the herd and agree with everything that you have been led to believe is right and wonderful, can't you even notice that nothing but mass stupidity is taking over society and leading you like a little fat sheep into the slaughterhouse?

You had better be waking up and looking out at the world with the eyes that God gave you for your own use and not depending on the Jewdus goats that are telling you what you are seeing in spite of what you know you are looking at.

That turned out kind of repetitive but you get the idea of what I am trying to get across.
Look at California and New York. Both are bastions of diversity and liberalism and both are broke and just can't seem to figure out why. They are taxing their legal residents into the poorhouse so that they can keep their illegal residents happy and voting them back into office at the next election. But it seems like the people being taxed into oblivion are agreeable with this situation because they never try to change it.

Between "the Negroes" and the politicians in Washington D.C. it is such a diverse and degenerate cesspool of mediocrity that it is a joke even by third world standards.

Nowhere in the animal kingdom do you see zebras trying to hang around lions and be their friends. You never see a rabbit take in a coyote pup and try to raise it. You never have noticed a hyena helping a leopard take it's kill to the leopard's tree and store it. Have you ever seen a bunch of sea lions risking their lives to save a polar bear? I think not. That would just be...... weird.

So any time the choice is between your common sense and political correctness.... take a long, hard look at it and make sure that you shouldn't just go with what you common sense should be screaming at you to do. That is.... if you haven't already killed it.

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