28 June 2009


Sick people need medication, right? So why is it that if you need a medication that junkies use for their pleasure, it is very difficult if not impossible for you to get? Even though it would relieve your pain or help you sleep or speed you up or whatever you happen to need.

Since I am not a doctor or even a reasonable facsimile, this is just my opinion like everything else that I write here.

I have read articles and seen documentaries on TV where if you have a terminal, painful cancer, that heroin will relieve the pain. But you can't take it because you will become addicted. What the ....! Who would even care? You are dying anyway and even if you weren't you still should be able to have it so your life could be better. But because junkies like it you have to just suffer and die.

The same thing goes for pain killers. I know a lot of people who suffer from time to time with some terrible pain but they just have to suffer because junkies just love percoset and the like. In fact, the retarded state of Oregon can't even fill prescriptions like this because druggists aren't even allowed to have it! Isn't big brother over stepping his bounds a little here?

It is better for you to be in horrendous pain than for you to become addicted to a medication you will probably have to have until you are dead anyway. What kind of sense does that make?

Sleeping pills are the same thing. I don't know what sleeping pills do for junkies but they like them so you have to take Excedrin PM. Or Nyquil works really good for me. But then I am kind of lazy and prone to being able to sleep easily.

Diet pills are another one. Look at all of the fatsos in this country, including myself, and tell me that we don't need just over-the-counter really high powered diet pills. There are also a lot of excellent bonuses you get by people taking these. Look at the amount of food that you would have to send to Ethiopia for the little fly covered children to have. Another benefit is that people eating diet pills not only save food and get skinny, they are very productive. They clean houses, wash cars, write Stephen King novels, and can talk fast and long enough to work at one of those call centers in their spare time!

But because the AMA or some other bureaucratic organization deems it wrong, the people who actually need these medications can't have them and have to wallow in their own painful misery, or just lay awake twenty-four seven, or weigh two thousand pounds... and then we wonder why folks just end up just going nutso.

So I say you go illegal drugmeisters! Sell all of your illegal, tax free, if a little unsafe drugs to people who can't get them anywhere else because they might make them feel like normal humans.

It's no wonder that we have an illegal drug epidemic in this country. The powers that be have caused it by passing laws for what they deem is for our own good. That's what we get for letting our elected government tell us what we can do instead of us telling them what we want done.

Our freedoms are being taken away by leaps and bounds. This is just one little thing that doesn't seem like much unless you are one of the ones affected. It's funny how we can just let freedom be stolen if it doesn't affect us personally, isn't it?

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