05 April 2012


I just got finished attending a conference. It was called, Faith And Freedom. I kind of had to attend since I only live a hundred feet away from where it was being held and I am sure that naggers would have been coming around nagging me if I decided to stay home without a very good reason.

Besides that, I can't even tell you the amount of excellent food that is put out there which for a fat guy living a hundred feet away who doesn't cook anything except hotdogs and scrambled eggs, that is a hell of a big lure.

But no matter why I was there, you can't help but learn something when you listen to some of the major nationalists in the world. Now I can truthfully say world here because one speaker was from Canada so that automatically makes it an international conference of white racialists.

Now to you haters out there, and I know some of you do read these blogs because like our big brother government I can track where my visitors come from. I only ever do it when I am so bored and I have absolutely nothing else to do but I should have no fans in L.A. Or New York City, or Chicago and especially not any in Washington D.C. Or Tel Aviv.

So just for you jackasses it was a meeting of haters and bigots and racists and homophobes and anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers. There were flags from all of our European brothers and sisters lands blowing in the wind and a huge blood drop cross flag on a fifty foot flagpole that I put up myself flying over the whole thing.

There were kids and teenagers stampeding around and I have never in my life seen a more polite, well mannered non fighting bunch of children in my life. Well, one little boy who is a year and a half old got kicked out of the Kid's Korner because he didn't want to sit by his cousin but even he was getting along with everyone else. And he still got a certificate of accomplishment for participating in the kid's program. So where is the loss?

For the grownups there was the food and the speeches and gospel singing by a well known duet and even some racialist songs by some beautiful young ladies. There was even a song or two by some special guests.

There were two little baby girls dedicated to Christ, (I think that is kind of like being christened but I'm not sure) one of them wasn't even two weeks old.

The lady who kept the food coming probably had to miss the whole thing because it has to be really tough to feed that many people three meals plus snacks every time there was a break. Some of the older girls did make some cakes which were excellent also.

I have explained all of this to you because you know how I am. I rarely, if ever have a kind word for a Negro or a Mexican or a Jew. I just don't care for them. I'm sorry, but I'm old and set in my ways and the chances of me changing are slim to none. I see no value in them for my race which is all I care about.

And I have told you time and again, in my world if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. It is an old Ranger edict and it is just true. It brings everything to it's most common denominator very simply. There is no way to talk around it or back pedal from it. It is like when you have to answer yes or no to a question. It brings the simple truth to the surface almost immediately and there isn't any way to go sideways and escape the right answer.

I bet when you die and try to get by St. Peter and get into Heaven, the questions will require a yes or no answer and there will be no explanations allowed or necessary. And the answers you have to give there are going to be with you for a long, long time. Especially if they were the wrong answers.

Anyway, this meeting was all about not being negative. Which in my vernacular would be winning hearts and minds. You know, some of that Special Forces gobbledy-gook. Nothing like Rangers. Whose solution would be to beat on their heads until the right thinking started coming out. Or they died. Whichever came first. Then the problem is solved once and for all. There is no backsliding once you are dead.

I enjoyed the meeting and the food. But don't expect these blogs to get kindly and upbeat because that is just not my nature. No matter how many touchy feely meetings and classes I attend my outlook is always going to be that apathy and dummyness should not be tolerated in any form. It should be kicked and beaten into oblivion. Then it will not return. Ever. So if you are looking for something upbeat and non-offensive, maybe you should go read the Ladies' Home Journal or Good Housekeeping. Because you sure as hell are never going to come across it here!

30 March 2012


I had something different for this week but after the media turned a Negro thug into Mother Theresa and not only that, they changed a Mexican into a white man! Now that is amazing. Even for them.

We only thought Jesus was wonderful when he changed water into wine. But that doesn't even hold a candle to this! I mean, turning a Negro thug into Mother Theresa is fairly excellent, but on top of that, in the same week, almost the same day... Poof! A Mexican turns white!

Oh those bless-ed Jews and their fact twisting ability. There is just no end to what they can take and turn into something else. I bet that every bag of Jew gold that you see that is made out of silk, I would almost bet that it used to be a sow's ear.

There just seems to be no end to what they are able to accomplish with their constant Jew haranguing to the gullible goyam. They got a retarded Negro elected president for crying out loud! Then, lately, they took the only man who actually wanted to do something for the United States and belittled and ignored him until he just faded from site and left three Israeli whoring war mongers in his place.

So even if the retarded Negro would loose, they still have their own puppet in the White House.

I know, some of you love Jews and hate it because I am on them all of the time. But let me explain to you for a second about what I think of these treacherous scumbags just in case you don't already know.

If I had to make a choice and either love Jews or wear the sphincter muscle of a fat retard as a crown forever, I would pick the sphincter muscle, hands down. If I had to either love Jews or swim a river of snot, get out of my way because I am diving right in. If I had to either love Jews or drink a quart of buzzard puke, all I can say is I hope that they will let me put a little dollop of salt in the buzzard puke because it is gone! If you get my drift.

Some of you will say, "Well it's the white man's fault, he allowed this to happen." And, of course, you are right. Nothing happens on this planet that we didn't allow to happen or maybe even helped it along thinking that we were being kind and generous. Or a lot of it has been accomplished by the greed of our own brothers and sisters on the promise of obtaining some Jew gold and power over our own people.

So I will admit, in the beginning, we let them get the foothold on our beloved country. But for the last five or six generations, the only information that is allowed to come through is after it has been put through the Jewish filter. So I am not so sure that today we are responsible for this mess. We just didn't have the factual information to work with.

But to let it continue once the facts are known is stupidity, and that is our fault. Whether we are doing it for greed or because we are scared to make any waves or maybe we are just lazy and comfortable and don't want to be disturbed.

Then we deserve what we get. When a black retard is made president, we deserve it. When a Negro thug is turned into Mother Theresa, we deserve it. When a Mexican is turned into one of us, this we also deserve.

If we all end up on our knees fellating our Jewish masters, that is our own fault. For not taking a hand and controlling our own destiny and letting a bunch of slimy worms control our destiny for us.

A famous Jew once said, "Who knows where this nation (the United States) and these people (the white race) could have went or accomplished without us (the Jews) hanging around their necks."

And it is hard to imagine. Lincoln would not have been shot so the Negroes would have been repatriated to Liberia. Garfield would not have been shot and we would be rid of the Federal Reserve. Without the power of owning our money the Jews could never have gained control of our media, and without the control of our media, they could never have brainwashed the masses into thinking that diversity is a strength.

Without the money and the media, they could never have gotten control of our government and thus our schools and colleges. Without the control of our media they could never have turned our Christian churches into Judeo-Christian churches.

Without the control of our media and money they could never have gotten us into World War One, or World War Two, or Korea, or Vietnam, or Kuwait, or Iraq, twice. Plus a hundred other wars that I can't even think of.

Our industry would not have been given away to foreign countries which benefited us not at all. We would still have our own oil, our own refineries and the Arabs wouldn't have hated us because we wouldn't have always been blowing them to hell for the sake of Israel. Gas would probably still be fifty cents a gallon. Thank you Jews! For that one.

We would not be broke from fighting their wars or feeding layabout Negroes and illegal Mexicans and illegal Puerto Ricans, Haitians, Somalis, and East Indians. So where could we have been by now? It staggers the imagination, doesn't it?

24 March 2012


As I understand our history, we were founded as a Christian nation. That is right, isn't it? It wasn't a Judeo-Christian nation was it? Or was I just absent that day? Surely it would have been mentioned more than one time. "The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock and got out and blessed this Judeo-Christian country that they were going to build for themselves and their posterity."

I just took another quick look at the Mayflower Compact and sure enough, no where in there did I see written the words, Judeo-Christian. As near as I can tell, the words "Judeo-Christian" were started to get kicked around with the advent of television evangelists.

Imagine that. When there was money to be filched out of the unknowing masses by preachers whoring themselves out on the living room boob tube, guess who jumped right in to rake in whatever ill gotten gains that could be milked out of this phenomenon. That's right, those corporate Jews who even at that time were gaining control of our mass media. And with just the tiniest bit of manipulation on the wording, Christians would be groveling at the feet of one of their life-long enemies, the Jews.

Jews are nothing if not consistent. They can spot a crack or a flaw in something from as far away as I can smell their bullshit. And that is just about at least a mile.

In order for these whores, such as Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell, and Pat Robertson and many, many others to renew their contracts, all they had to do is slip in five little letters in front of Christian. It would hardly even be noticeable. A few of the sheep might notice but these were their beloved shepherds so who were they to question this twisting of the Bible and Martin Luther's Protestant religion?

It rolled off of the tongue nicely and what harm could it cause? I mean really now, it's just five little letters used over and over and over in millions of homes at least weekly year after year after year.

As with everything that the Jews want to accomplish including to tear down the hated gentile Christians, they know that it takes at least two or three generations before fiction can be turned into fact so they just sat back and raked in the money and had their whores start adding the simple little word Judeo in front of Christian any time the word was uttered or written down.

Meanwhile the sheeple we know today as Judeo-Christians sat there and gobbled it up and never even noticed that their worship was slowly being turned away from their God to the state of Israel and the parasites dwelling there. They even started giving a large part of the tithes that they collected to these leeches without a word of complaint. Amazing, isn't it?

So now that the Judeo thing was a rock solid part of the Christian dogma, let's introduce miscegenation. Just let a couple of colored folks come to the white churches. In fact, bus a few of them in from the ghettos. Let their little children play together in Sunday school. What can be the harm in that? Surely nothing. Besides, it is a little more tithe money to send to Israel and don't the congregation look nice? All the pews are full of white, black, brown and yellow people.

Now how do these Judeo-Christian preachers get around the, "miscegenation is an abomination" in the Bible? Well, that part of the Bible is outdated. God surely wants all of these miscreants baptized and blessed. Just because the Bible curses it doesn't make it wrong.

Okay. Now we have our Judeo-Christian churches choked full of black and brown people and they are even importing Filipinos to marry the local whites to help get the racism out of them. Isn't it a blessing? Well, not according to God, but what the heck. It seems like the Judeo-Christian thing to do.

There are getting to be a lot of sodomites who are being left out of God's plan. Let's bring them into our Judeo-Christian church. Let them be preachers and pastors and evidently even priests! Isn't it lovely?

More money in the offering box to help the Jews in Israel. Oh, what a blessing. What? The Bible states time and time again that sodomy is another abomination? The Bible has to be just an old fuddy-duddy book. We just won't talk about those satanic passages in our nice Judeo-Christian churches. God must have been drunk when he allowed such things to be put down in his holy book. We need queers teaching our children in Sunday school. That's what Jesus would do.

Really? You can't truly believe that. Isn't it amazing what adding five letters to the word Christian has done to a religion in just a few short years? I am going to go out on a limb here and say that hyphenated Christians are not only not Christians but they might even be the other side of the coin, if you know what I mean.

I always used to wonder about how huge is heaven to fit all of these people in there? But I'm beginning to think that if it is as big as New Hampshire, it will be plenty big enough for all of the people who are actually going to be there.

17 March 2012


I have nothing this week. Usually something comes to me in the form of some news story or someone will send an email about some outrageous shit that they have run across. Or there will be an old video on Youtube that strikes a chord and brings up some memory that still pisses me off.

Sure, Arpaio is investigating the creepy Kenyan's birth certificate but no one seems to give a shit that he is a foreign born Negro who has managed to insinuate himself into the hearts of every retarded citizen of the United States by giving them invisible money that the Jew money changers in the Federal Reserve have printed for him. Which is another thing that the citizens of the United States of America do not seem to care about.

That is something that is aggravating me, personally, when everyone calls us "Ameicans". Of course we are Americans but so are Canadians, Mexicans, Bolivians, Peruvians, etc. etc. We are citizens of the United States of America! But if we are even too lazy to say or write it, I guess that it doesn't make a rat's ass anyway. Let the UN have the son-of-a-bitch. That's what most of you are thinking as you cower in your living rooms, afraid to even peek out your window because the "comrade" next door might snitch you off for peeking out of your window.

The illegal alien that we have for a dictator has signed enough executive orders that what few alleged freedoms that we might have thought we had after that traitor Bush II got over on us with his "Patriot Act" are all gone. The only thing stopping them from coming and putting us in chains and collars are the ten million legal guns out there running around.

They just aren't sure that us poor, crazy-assed rednecks will give them up as easily as the Hollywood crowd symbolically had theirs destroyed because they have armed bodyguards to protect them so what the hell did they need weapons that they had never fired or even bought ammo for anyway?

Hillary has probably dished out more blowjobs at the United Nations than her husband collected while he was in the oval office. Trying to apologize and appease the third world dictators because the United States of America used to be so rich and powerful and smart.

We sure as shit don't have any of those problems now though, do we? They have dumbed our schools down until some tongue clicking Ubanghi or a sombrero-wearing beaner can get straight "A"s so they can go to college and maybe even become president someday. Just in case Obama, like Castro, might get old and die someday and then we would need a new leader and it would have to come out of some cesspool, just like he did.

You can replace any of these words with "rabid communist" or "rabid communists" and then maybe you will have an idea of just how we have let our country be turned to shit. Environmentalist, president, congress, supreme court, National Education Association, feminists, NAACP, SPLC, ADL, United Nations, animal rights people, anti-smokers, and queers. There are probably a bunch more that even I can't think of right now, but you get the idea.

But all of this bullshit that they have been flooding us with for years really has only one endgame. Even though on the surface they don't even seem to be connected. That is a one world government. With, of course, all of these losers running it.

I can only hope that I still have enough sense so I can enjoy the looks on their faces when we have finally had enough and come uncunted and start destroying them. It will happen and it will be beautiful to behold. Because we are evil sons-of-bitches when we finally snap. And snap we will, we always have every time the one worlders have thought that they could see the daylight at the end of the tunnel. It is just a matter of time and my only regret is that I am getting too old to have much of a hand in the gaiety of destroying them once again and then like the little worms that they are, they will disappear back under their rocks until the next time.

I know that this has been kind of a hodgepodge of stuff but I told you in the beginning that I had nothing, so you at least got way more than I had.

I am going to name this "Potpourri" and in case you don't know what that is as I didn't until a few day ago, I will explain it to you, as I understand it anyway.

You get a little pot, put some water in it, set it on something and put a burning candle under it. Then you fill it with stinky stuff. Like a rotten peach and cedar chips and sage brush and maybe a skunk tail and flower petals. You put this stuff in all at once and the hot water makes steam which carries this horrible odor throughout your house to cover up the smells of someone taking a wine shit in your bathroom or maybe you have a dead cat in there somewhere that you don't want to pick up for some weird reason. Well, this hodgepodge of smells will cover it up so no one suspects that your house is filthy and just might need a good cleaning.

Now, as I understand it this word, potpourri does not sound like it is spelled. It sounds like; po-po-re. Now if some of this is wrong just live with it because you were damn lucky to get anything this week.

09 March 2012


So you are a proud American? What are you so proud of? Your black illegal alien president? That should really make you puff out your chest. Or is it your Jew approved congress? Of which there is not one that should not be hanged for treason. Or maybe it is your Supreme Court which contains three Israel firster Zionist Jews, one Mexican from Puerto Rico, a pseudo conservative Negro and various other activist riffraff.

Or are you proud that you have Nancy boys proudly strutting around the world in your county's military uniform. Or maybe you are swelling up with pride to know that the country you are so proud of let's these peter puffing fudge packers flit around having parades and alleged marriages and if you complain you are a hater and can be arrested.

Possibly your pride is coming from the torrential murdering of unborn babies while convicted murderers are given new trials and then being allowed to sit on death row until they are released or die of old age. I bet that is where your pride is coming from.

Or could your pride be coming from the millions of Mexicans that are flooding your country and sucking up it's jobs and it's public safety net while their illegal brats have swamped your children's school with no-English-speaking anchor babies. Or are you just prideful of the Somalis, Haitians, Filipinos, and east Indians that your Judeo Christian churches are importing by the boatload hopefully to swell their doomed to hell congregations?

Or could it be that you are proud that the government that the Jews have allowed you to elect have shipped all of your industry overseas so poor countries could make a better living while you get to flip burgers at McDonald's under a Negro task master. Is that why you are a proud American? Not even a proud citizen of the United States of America. Just a shitty old proud American. Just the same as you would be if you were from Mexico or Canada or Bolivia, or Peru or Brazil. "I am a proud American." You are? Really?

Or maybe you are proud of the "Patriot Act" so now citizens of the United States of America can be arrested and detained forever with no charges. Or citizens of the United States of America can have naked photographs made of them by third world Negro TSA agents to pass around and show to their fellow tribesmen. Or maybe you are proud that citizens of the United States of America can be murdered for no other reason than someone claimed that they were a suspicious looking terrorist.

Maybe you are proud to be sending your sons and daughters to the Middle East to be murdered so Israel can be happy and safe from the imaginary terrors of living next to Arabs.

Or just maybe you are proud of the fifteen trillion dollar debt that just one illegal alien nigger president has incurred for you and your children and their children and their children etcetera, etcetera, etcetera....... to pay back to greedy Zionist Jew bankers who stole the money in the first place! Now that is something that you can be proud of.

Or maybe you are proud of the Nigger or Mexican your son or daughter just married so that the thousand generations of white people that it took to make you are extinguished forever with the birth of your little brown pickininny grandchildren. I know that surely would make me proud.

Or maybe you are proud of the herds of wandering Negro children who go into stores in great numbers and just take everything that they want. And these same misunderstood Negro children are raping and murdering your sons and daughters. Including burning them alive after they are finished having their fun with them. And it's not even a hate crime for them because they are unfortunate and misguided and their many great grandparents might possibly have been slaves. You know that you have to understand the trauma that this causes them and show a little tolerance for Christ's sake!

Or maybe you are proud that you get to pay four or five dollars a gallon for gasoline because rabid environmentalists in your beloved United States of America won't allow you to build refineries, or drill for oil. Or if it is allowed then the oil is shipped to China and Japan to ease the strain on their economy. While your government is in the Middle East murdering Arabs for no apparent reason, helping to overthrow their governments, killing their leaders and sanctioning the populations so that it is a wonder that they will sell us oil at any price.

So you see, the United States of America that you are so proud of has a government that puts Israel above it's own people. Then, after Israel, comes Mexico, Somalia, Haiti, Puerto Rico, in fact, the whole continent of Africa then finally, after the rest of the world, if there are any scraps left over, the citizens of the United States of America that they claim to represent and the Constitution that they swore to defend can have what absolutely no one else in the world wants. If it happens to hit the floor. It's yours! Be proud and grateful America!

03 March 2012


You know, it just astounds me at the stupidity of white people. I mean God made them in his image and now we act like this?

I know, I know the Jews have bullshitted everyone into believing that they are God's "Chosen People" and made in his image but can you truly believe that God is a little hunchbacked, hooked nose, lying, stealing, cheating conniving Jew? C'mon. Not even you are that stupid.

Just because a bunch of radicals take over someone else's country and call it "Israel". They are magically the people that the Bible is all about? I don't think so. The Bible is all about us. White people. That is why we are so wonderful. Well, at least most of us are.

That's why we are able to conquer everywhere we ever walked. That is why we have invented everything ever worth having. That is why we go around being nice to folks that hate our guts and would murder us if they were given half a chance.

That is why we are the only race who coddle dogs and cats and every other kind of creature that you can think of. We are the only ones that bums will ask for money and we don't beat the hell out of them just for asking.

Some of us have even gone so far as to not even eat our fellow animals. however I am NOT in this group. When the world collapses back in on itself from the rot that is permeating it today, I will even eat my fellow humans. You guys can eat all of the grass and bean sprouts that you want to. Or even starve to death if that is your choice. But I will be roasting me a nice, juicy drumstick off of something. Even if it's name used to be Bobby or Sarah.

Now I realize that I am not a good example of being God's chosen people, but I have never claimed to be. When I found out that Moses couldn't go to the promised land because he got pissed off and hit a rock three times to get water out of it instead of twice, I gave up on even trying to get into heaven. I knew that it was never going to happen.

In fact, I don't think that I have ever met a person that is alive today that is going to get his or her fat ass into heaven. Not when they are compared to the people in the Bible. There is probably not a person who has lived in the last thousand years who has a whore's prayer of getting to go to heaven. Not even those old, raggedy, shitting-their-pants old popes.

But my favorite thing about our Godly race is the way we can short out when we are finally driven to the brink. Because we can put together out of nothing something that will put our enemies out of our misery in numbers that are amazing to behold.

Fifteen of us could come up with some little thing that would just wipe out billions of people in the wink of an eye. That is why I believe that we are the chosen people of God. No other race on this planet could do that.

So think what you will because it ain't any skin off of my ass. But a Judeo Christian is not a Christian. It is a Jew-approved Christian. That is why Judeo Christian doctrines approve of race mixing and sodomy. Both of which are abominations in the Bible but not in the Babylonian Talmud which is the Jewish Bible. These disgusting ideologies are approved of, even encouraged. As is pedophilia, slavery, bestiality and anything else that a pervert could come up with wanting to do.

So if you are going to a Judeo Christian (Jew approved) church, I believe that you are probably even more screwed than I am. Or more screwed than even some poor Aryan bastard who has never even seen the inside of a church.

Just because some asshole group of disgusting people stole a country and called it Israel does not make them God's people. No matter what they try and convince you of. Do you actually think that the perverts who murdered God's only son would be the ones that God would prefer over every other people of the world? I think him, like I myself, would rather spend eternity with a gunny sack full of rotted assholes than spend seven minutes with a disgusting, evil, slimy, thieving Jew.

As you might have suspected by now, that I am not a very religious person. But one thing I will totally bet my ass, my life and anything that I hold dear on this planet is that if one of you lucky bastards reading this manages to get into heaven, you will not find even one lazy, sneaky, thieving Jew there. Not one. No matter which rock you look under, there won't be even one Jew in Heaven.... EVER!!

26 February 2012


Do you suppose that last week's blog was hateful? Possibly even hate speech? Did I give you the impression that I have no use for the sub-humans of the world?

If you will allow me to do a little clarification of my stance on the humanoids that appear to be almost like us, but they are not. I have no problems with the ones living in Africa. Let them live, let them die. But leave them to their own devices. When they breed like rabbits and then die from starvation and disease, that is the way God planned it. Please let them do it.

I have no problems with the Mexicans in Mexico. They have made a home there for themselves. Let them live and die there. If they come to our country, the United States of America, kick the shit out of them and send them back to Mexico. Once. If they are caught here again, they are incorrigible and should be euthanized, for their own good. It keeps them from dying of thirst and heat in the Sonora desert. On top of that they are probably insane for thinking that they would go unnoticed in a white, Christian country. So euthanasia is just the best thing. Even for the babies, breeds and sympathizers.

But if they are in Mexico and you would like to see a Mexican, you could go down there and for five or ten dollars you could drive through there in your car, like a wild animal park. But don't be feeding them because they are just animals and they might bite you and give you some Mexican disease like dysentery or pango-pango or something. So it's just better if you stay in your car and keep the windows and the sun roof closed. And don't be playing La Cucaracha loudly on your car stereo. That is like catnip to a Mexican and they will mob your car. So be careful and if you think that you might want to take photographs, make sure you wash your windows BEFORE you enter the Mexican drive through zoo that should be Mexico.

As far as queers go, I think that the only thing that we can even consider is euthanization because they are disease ridden and disgusting. So unless we could find a remote abandoned island where they could be dumped and there was no possibility that they could ever escape. But I don't like it, they could always escape and since the only thing they do is spread filth and disease, I think that putting them to sleep is the best bet for everyone concerned. Once again, the breeds and sympathizers of this disgusting group could just go ahead and share their same fate.

As for the Jews, I am at a loss. We don't dare try euthanization on them because supposedly Germany has already tried it twice. Killing six million in WWI and six million again in WWII and they ended up with fifteen million holocaust survivors on a planet that only had four million Jews at the time. So we have to figure something else out because these maggots are magical and apparently every time you kill one three or four more are created.

So I'm thinking that we build a high fence with no openings all the way around Antarctica. Kind of like the one that they have built to keep the Palastinians away from them over there in Israel. Then we just load them onto C-130s with a few goats and olive trees and air drop them onto Antarctica. This could also include all of the Judeo Christian preachers and pastors and priests and the politicians world wide who have been helping them promote and spread their filth for the last hundred and fifty years.

Since they are magical, survival would not be a problem. I wouldn't even consider worrying about that. But, of course, since they are magical, one is bound to escape into the world population every now and then. That is where our wonderful giant white brains comes in. One of us can invent a Jewmeter. It could alert us if a Jew was trying to escape from Antarctica or if one has escaped, because they are very wily, it would go off very loudly screaming, "JEW,JEW,JEW,JEW,JEW" as soon as the Jew was detected and we could grab it and band it like we do troublesome bears and throw it back into Antarctica. Then, any banded Jews we catch out running around could just be euthanized because they are incorrigible and apparently cannot be contained.

Now these ideas are not written in stone. If some of you have some ideas that are more practical, I will be glad to take them under advisement. I just threw these out to get a dialogue going.

I know that damn fence is going to be expensive but I think if we take all of the riches that the Jews has stolen and cheated everyone out of over the centuries, it can be paid for easily. With money left over for punitive damages that they need to pay for also.

I'll be looking forward to your feedback on this topic and hopefully you can come up with some constructive ideas to move this along. Now, if you are just going to complain that I'm hateful, just move along because you are obviously in an area that is way out of your league and way above your level of comprehension.